Boxes on wheels burning one of biggest natures’ treasure rides on concrete and asphalt, that covers huge areas all across the planet... Today this is “most advanced” technology available for masses, but it is more than 100 year old and extremely inefficient, and extremely harmful for ecology, and dangerous for everyone, and... I hate cars. I dream of clean, ecological, pure way of travelling.

My vision


Imagine no roads! Only walking and bicycle paths are left, so enormous areas that were hidden beneath concrete are now available. Plant trees there, build parks, create rivers and enjoy the silence of world without cars.


If we do not have roads, whole arrangement of a city could be totally different. It could be anything You like! If a building does not require nor road coming to it, nor parking, just imagine where the building could be built, how it could look like, and how buildings might be arranged! 


With no need to spent time on travel, You could work in any county, live You life in multiple places! For example dinner in Paris, swim in Hawaii, go skiing to Himalayas and so on. 


But how people and all stuff would get from one place to another fast enough?


How do we travel then?


Teleportation is perfect solution! Well, there is no such technology, not even something close to it. What is more, it would probably require enormous amount of energy and fastest supercomputers and many more. With our current energy production methods, it would only do more damage to the planet. Or not? Maybe there is already technology that could evolve into something like teleport device?


How it might work? 


Open some kind of gate (wormhole) between two point in space-time? No. I think, more logical is the principle described in Star Trek: scan and disassemble target object, convert all the information to a signal, transfer signal, and then assemble identical object in other place. 


Step 1. Lets start from simplest object, and “teleport” only geometrical form. I thing we already have such technology: 3D scanner plus 3D printer. This allows to copy shape, but not material. But it follows the concept: scan - convert - transfer - assemble.   


Step 2. Building object with same materials. 3D printing might do the trick. Problem is to collect all the info while scanning: not only external shape, but also detailed inner structure and material info. Printing (or assembling) is much more complex in this case too.

Step 3. Scanning moving and extremely complex object: items with different pressure areas, gasses, liquids inside and so on.


Step 4. Scanning signals inside objects and “powering” compiled object with these signals. For example,  “copy-paste” biochemical and electrical impulses and states inside alive beings.  


Step X. I think there are even more problems, than I've described. For example, psychological and ethical aspects of the fact that You are disassembled for a moment while going through teleport! 


As for me, only technology that might work is nano-robots. 


I will describe my vision of nanorobotics in next post. As for teleportation, this is one most desired technology, that will change everything. It is pity, that it still requires many breakthroughs in science and technology.